Imagine a world where anything you buy is not fully yours. Take this example: a farmer who wants to diagnose his/her tractor will be in serious trouble if he/she bypasses the protection installed by John Deere. This situation will replicate in everything we buy, use, read, and even what we take into our bodies if the Trans Pacific Partnership is ratified. There is an increasing public concern among internet users they have access only to fragmented information. People are wondering what it is that the governments involved are hiding, if anything. How is this related to internet usage? Think of books with authors that have passed away for more than 50 years. Those books will receive immediate copyright extension under the TPP which means thousands of users will be having to pay royalties for something that was public. A current example of this can be found with the Mickey Mouse Protection Act that, even though Walt Disney it’s been dead for long, users still need to pay royalties to the corporation.

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