The TPP is all about providing good jobs for the next generation. New Zealand must size this once-in-a-generation opportunity in such a massive new global trade (

It is essential for New Zealand to engage and integrate its economy with the Asia Pacific region because it is a small nation, and it has opportunity to diversify its exports markets. To look at the potential benefits, New Zealand needs to look at the economic impact of trade deal with China which is now the biggest trading partner and its growth has fueled New Zealand’s prosperity. New Zealand is far more influential in world affairs than the size of its economy because the Government understands their limitations and innovates these shortcomings into benefits.

A major obstacle in the TPPA is related to the drug-buying agency. But the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has made it clear that the people will not pay more for the drugs even if a concluded agreement includes patent extensions. Any such cost will be borne by the government.

Part of the breakdown of the most recent negotiations in Hawaii is New Zealand’s insistence on enhanced access for dairy exports to protected markets like Canada and Japan. New Zealand’s deal with China has created access to the world’s second biggest economy. The TPP will likewise give them access to North and South America and new markets in Asia.

If New Zealand is truly committed to providing high paying jobs for the next generations of bright-eyed kids, then it must seize this opportunity to take New Zealand products and services to the world.