As the full text of TPP was released last week, we got a glimpse of the treaty’s contents and following implications. As seen before, there are many concerns regarding the alleged labor conditions in Vietnam and concerns from labor and human rights groups on including Vietnam in the treaty. Sure enough when the text of the TPP was released, many Labor advocates has doubted the enforce-ability of reforms in Vietnam from a legal point of view (Article credit: “After Trans-Pacific Partnership Text Released, Labor Advocates Say Human Rights Protections ‘Not Enforceable’”, by Abigail Abrams, 11/05/15 Many labor organizations have an issue with Vietnam being given five years to comply with full labor standards before sanctions can be leveled against it. Many democrats have already criticized the agreement for respites given to Vietnam. What does this mean for Vietnam? Would this be one of the critical point that US lawmakers use to overturn the deal? Would a change in terms lead to Vietnam walking away from the deal?