Using the Cloud to Improve Warehouse Performance

Starting in May of 2018, Ametek Prestolite Power will begin offering Ametek Insight though their Wireless Battery Identification Devices (WBID). Ametek Insight, a cloud-based ZigBee software, is the newest intelligence solution provided by Ametek that, when paired with the WBID, aims to solve one of today’s warehouse challenges – fleet optimization.  The WBID allows users to continuously and remotely monitor an entire fleet of forklifts using real time data, transmitted and collected using Insight, by managing battery performance, changing settings, updating software/firmware, and more. The ability to use and apply this technology will allow companies to optimize fleet management to extend battery life, increase productivity, reduce costs and ultimately better serve customers. Ametek expects that Insight will eventually become a standard feature on a majority of its batter charger, not just offered through WBID. Can this technology be adapted to optimize other areas of the supply chain besides forklift operation? As the Internet of Things and real-time data analytics takes a more prominent role in supply chains, how will the job of a supply chain manager change?

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