The article published on The Mainichi ( shares that Japan and the United States will resume bilateral talks on auto trade issues under the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade initiative in Washington from Wednesday i.e. 09/16/2015. The moves follow a ministerial meeting of all 12 TPP countries in Hawaii in late July at which they failed to secure a broad agreement. Japan is also expected to hold working-level talks with Canada and Mexico as well. There could also be multilateral sessions among the four countries as reported by the foreign ministry.

Akira Amari, Japan’s minister in charge of TPP negotiations hopes that the next ministerial meeting be held by end of September and says that if the talks are delayed, they cannot reach a deal before general election in Canada slated for October.

Observers say that the meeting between US and Japan are unlikely before a summit meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in November, where the TPP chiefs gather.

Will here be a ministerial meeting at the end of September to continue talks or the deal will be halted till the Canadian general election ? Can Japan and US resolve the auto trade talks ?