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TransCanada Company is claiming a huge amount of money for the reaction of Obama rejecting this multimillionaire project. The reasons why he imposed such decision was because the U.S is chasing an ambitious goal of conserving the environment to secure a clearer and better world for future generations. He claims that if we allow this pipeline into the country, we will lose the world advantage in green solutions, and that is in the interest of the Nation. The Keystone XL pipeline project was expected to pump 830.000 barrels a day into U.S territory over the life span of such conduits. From that, Canada is claiming the benefits it would receive if such project was accepted as it originally was. Hence, this increase the tension with the current negotiations for the TPP agreement where people are wondering, how will these type of situations change in the future after its enforcement? Is it a form of pressure from the U.S government to push Canada to sign the contract?

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