Article Date: 09/30/2015

As the Canadian auto and dairy industries could take a large hit from TPP, the aerospace and medical device industries could “benefit.” According to sources close to the TPP negotiations taking place in Atlanta announced Cananda has unofficially “secured the elimination of tariffs on all aerospace exports, like planes and engines, and medical devices such as MRI machines and dental equipment.” Previous negotiations have eliminated the “tariffs on metals and minerals, petroleum products, potash, steel, chemicals, plastics and industrial machinery.” Still, auto manufacturing and dairy markets could take a hit.

Protesters from both industries have taken a stance; however, Harper and fnance minister, Joe Oliver, keep reiterating that Canada will not sign a deal that is not good for both Canada and Canadians.

As U.S. President Barack Obama is in a hurry to conclude negotiations, there seems to be a “willingness to do a deal” this week. However, could a rushed deal be at the cost of the United States or Canada? Per other articles, the negotiations have once again been prolonged.

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