An article in The Japan Times (January 25, 2016) titled “TPP will raise U.S. annual income by $131 billion, study shows” ( describes a study from The Peterson Institute for International Economics, which states that the TPP will raise US incomes by 131 billion annually after 2030. The analysis highlights that one-year delay in the TPP implementation would cost $77 billion in lost income. Moreover, the agreement would boost the US exports by $357 billion annually, and by $1.025 trillion annually for all TPP countries together. Other studies suggest that there would be 53,700 US jobs that would churn annually during the first 15 years of the TPP implementation period, but it is estimated that by 2030 about 796,000 jobs will have been added in US export activities thanks to the commercial agreement. Will the US Congress approve the TPP considering this analysis and its suggestion that the benefits of the TPP outweigh its costs?

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