Article Date: 10/10/2015

Last Monday, TPP finally came to a conclusion. The author of this article, Governor Christine Gregoire, is in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership as it “promises to enact unprecedented safeguards for our natural resources and environment.” As governor, she fought hard to protect natural resources. With that said, TPP, according to Gregoire, will protect the oceans.

On the path we are currently on, biodiversity risks taking a hit forever. As the 12 participating nations of TPP are “among the world’s richest in plant and animal life,” TPP promises to combat challenges, such as overused fish populations and pollution, with strict environmental provisions.

The provisions are enforceable. “The TPP makes clear that there are clear consequences for violating these regulations, and clear avenues of recourse for citizens to bring complaints to their governments and other TPP members. If member countries fail to comply with the environmental protections of the agreement, trade sanctions will be applied.”

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