The article posted on the Australian ( ) dated 09/10/2015 says the President and Secretary of State are confident they will be able to sign the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership by the end of the year, facilitating trade through the Asia-Pacific. The key international sticking points are car manufacturing between the US and Japan, dairy trade, intellectual protections handed to biological drugs, and the volume of Australian sugar exports. The deal collapsed earlier this month, but Berry is confident that the deal will be finalized by this year’s end.

The goal of TPP is to create open markets that are critical to promotion of stable, transparent, rules-based order for the 21st century for all countries. Berry also talked up the benefits of international trade partnerships while tiptoeing around the question of whether Australia should sign a free-trade agreement with China. Mr Berry said international trade deals had led to countries being able to sell and buy goods fairly as well as lifting the quality of life and standards of living and lifespan. He says that if you want to solve the world’s greatest problems then you must look beyond borders and increase co-operation.

Will the countries come to an agreement regarding the TPP? Will it be out by this year’s end?

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