Article Date: 10/02/2015

TPP negotiations have come to a standstill. Once again, talks between the 12 participating nations are extended. Digital rights seem to be the pressing issue. However, Australia is taking matters into its own hands by “pass[ing] digital copyright protection legal framework that could contravene the TPP should it ever be agreed to by all countries involved.” Potentially a three-strikes code could be in the works, however, leaked unofficial TPP documents suggest otherwise. That said, internet service providers and rights holders have begun collaboration on their own three-strikes code. An “independent expert” has been in communication with ISPs and rights holders to determine the details. Current predictions to implement the scheme would cost $130,000 per year for ISPs.

Intellectual property rights has been and will apparently continue to be an ongoing negotiation. With Australia, New Zealand, and the United States putting up a majority of the fight. U.S. protection for biological drugs, auto manufacturing, and dairy production still remain hot topics.

TPP negotiations began in 2008. That said, could the continuation of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations allow China’s Asian trade agreement to come to fruition soon?

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