Article Date: 09/29/2015

The night before the crucial TPP talks in Atlanta, Canadian Conservative Leader, Stephen Harper, promised that any decisions that would affect Canada’s dairy industry and supply management would be made by Canadians and Canadians only. In addition, he insisted, “Any trade agreement must benefit Canada’s ‘entire’ economy.”

Currently Canada’s supply management system protects the domestic industry by controlling the price of milk, cheese, eggs, and poultry. In addition, the system limits imports through high tariffs.

Just weeks before the October 19th federal election, Harper said that future jobs depend on Canada’s “privileged access” to world markets. He wants to make sure Canada is a full participant in the global economy. According to CBC News, however, Canadian negotiators are prepared to “concede a share of Canada’s domestic dairy market,” but not the 10% requested by the United States back in July. Farmers do not understand the need to import dairy and are protesting the potential trade concessions.

In a battle between Conservatives and Liberals, Harper [Conservative] is quoted saying, “”We will only sign a deal if we believe it’s in the best interests of all of our Canadian economy, including our auto industry.” While Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, insists Harper is negotiating a deal in “secrecy.” He would negotiate in transparency and ultimately do what is best for Canada and protect their farmers.

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