The article by Nikkei ( on 18th September talks about the meeting between the ministers regarding the TPP and how they will resolve all the disagreements before this month’s end which will resolve issues in the areas of dairy products, automobiles, intellectual property for pharmaceuticals, and other areas where national interests are at stake.

Dairy rules are not clear yet since July’s meeting in Hawaii. New Zealand wants to expand its dairy products, but Japan and Canada don’t have the ability to accept imported dairy products.

Japan disagrees with Mexico and Canada over auto parts despite their talks with the United States. Japan wants tariffs removed on autos, but Mexico and others seek to restrict duty-free imports to vehicles and parts made over 50% from components originating in TPP nations.

The U.S. is pushing for as lengthy a time frame as possible, giving drug companies the ability to profit longer from proprietary medicines. Australia and others seek a shorter period to enable the rapid development of cheaper generics.

Time is running out for the nations, and they need to come to an agreement as soon as possible for the TPP to get started with. They will need deadlines in order to make progress with their talks.