An article published in The Diplomat, titled “The potential of TPP for Vietnam”, dtd September 04, 2014 by Truong-Minh Vu & Nguyen Nhat-Anh ( asserts  how the TPP will help counter the trade deficit with China. The article argues that while Vietnam has been majorly exporting only raw materials to China, imports from China are a broad range of products for export production including machinery, steel, chemicals, and raw materials. The authors contend that a spill over effect of the excess trade with Canada and US may lead to deeper cooperation in development of higher quality services and production enablers. Another aspect of TPP is the soft power balance in Asia. While China has steadily increased its assertion in Asia, Vietnam following a non-aligned policy cannot directly have alliances with other countries. In such a state, a trade deal is a perfect soft deterrence for China’s growing influence in the area. So how will TPP actually work in favor for US and check China? Will we see any retaliation from China to counter the TPP (lowering prices on goods, services,  Chinese companies expanding in Vietnam? With the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in horizon, what would be the long term impact of TPP?