The USTR report finally gives some light on what the deal is about especially with a focus on investment in the following article:

Following the age old premise that trade is usually what follows after the investment, the USA hopes that with increased investments, the returns will increase exponentially too. It also aims to focus on the investment that can not only focus on money but also on the working environments in the various domains within all the member countries.

  • It also aims to allow transfer of funds within the reach of the TPP with a control over the volatile capital flows
  • This will help in reducing a number of lawsuits that occur between the multinational companies and the local markets
  • It aims to focus on various labor laws, environmental pacts and other stakeholders

The major reason for inclusion is the fact that more than 5 million jobs in the USA which are linked with such companies or markets earn more than 33% than national average. Moreover, according to a report by the Office of International Investments, the USA stands to gain at least $173 Billion through FDI from the opening of the TPP access.



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