” , in this article by T Rajamoorthy, we understand the brief history of TPP and its emergence.

The original members included New Zealand, Chile and Singapore, and the FTA was called the Pacific Three. Later Brunei joined the cause.USA joined in 2008, realizing the potency of the agreement in making them more strategically positioned in the Asia Pacific region and boosting their finance and investment. The move was announced by the Bush Administration.The USA also pushed for the agreement to include more countries for its benefit. Later on Australia, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada and Mexico joined the cause making the agreement now as the Trans Pacific Partnership. The latest member to join was Japan in 2012.

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Will USA’s proposal to include more and more members in the agreement prove ill for their own benefits? Will the move backfire? Many economists and common people feel so… But President Obama is sure that the USA will be the ultimate winner. Many of the multinational companies are waiting eagerly for the approval of the agreement as well!