In a recent article in the online trade magazine Robotics Tomorrow titled “Next Generation Drone Solutions: The Internet of Flying Things”  dated August 18, 2015, a solution is presented to the ever growing problem of drone detection. Altitude Angel has integrated the internet of things into a global air management system. It is designed to provide air traffic management for drones. A key problem among the drone community is that drones themselves cannot communicate effectively with each other and obstacles they encounter during flight. What sets Altitude Angel apart from other air traffic management systems is that is can send direct instructions to the software on a drone to avoid dangerous situations. How will this technology be received by drone enthusiasts? Does this software infringe on the rights of the drone operator? What are the next steps that Altitude Angel must take to integrate their system into public airspace?[wpvideo HleohjzK]

One thought on “The Internet of Flying Things”
  1. I’m not sure if people are really comfortable with the idea of drones being used for commerce. It certainly makes me feel uncomfortable if I were to see a drone flying over my head not knowing its whereabouts and not seeing someone controlling it. Before drones become widespread, I feel major corporations need to ensure the drones can’t be hacked, otherwise this method of service would be a major fail.

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