An April 13th, 2015 article entitled, “Industry 4.0 and the technological revolution in manufacturing – developments in Germany”–developments-in-germany/ discussed the increasing efficacy at which smart technology is assisting manufacturers in their complex processes. This new internet of things weaves all aspects of business and process together, from machine to machine to communication, real time process implementation, and artificial technology. This allows companies and employees to view their operations from a more holistic stance and cut through the slog of everyday processes. Industry 4.0 allows the product being manufactured to talk to the machines to provide a better result with quicker results. The article delves into technology ranging from smart gloves to drones to robotics to customized manufacturing.

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    1. Matt I really enjoyed this article and the comments you made. It is very interesting to see how smart manufacturing and the internet of things can effect product production as well as the overall industry.

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