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The article “Smart Manufacturing: What’s the difference between Smart & Digital Manufacturing” (http://smartmanufacturing.com/2015/01/31/whats-the-difference-between-smart-digital-manufacturing/) is a blog written by John A. Bernaden from Rockwell Automation, who is the Director Corporate Communication. In this article he does an excellent job at portraying these differences both verbally and visually. As an initial base for the reader, the article states, “They sound quite similar. Digital manufacturing is about an industrial internet of smart, connected products. Smart manufacturing is about the industrial internet of smart, connected factories and production plants.” To give further illustration, the article expounds by giving an example of digital manufacturing as the gathering of data that is spread through a “digital thread” and used by other smart manufacturing companies. In similar fashion, the example of smart manufacturing seen by different segments all maintaining constant contact i.e. sustainability, production, and supply chains to efficiently and successfully produce the desired product. How can these processes be used in unison to streamline the production and innovation process? What technology might enhance the link between these two entities?