The major course over the arguments during the negotiations of TPP in the past few meetings has been about the Drug deals and Intellectual Property Rights in that capacity.

While the USA has argued that the TPP is beneficial to the drug makers if it offers them the access to the member countries along with monopoly for their drugs for at least 12 years to recuperate the expensive validation programs for approval, the others especially Australia and smaller countries like Malaysia  have argued that showering the companies with anything more then 5-7 years will be too harmful to the market.

The drug industry within these 12 countries alone stands at Billions of dollars every year, and the monopoly in this domain could have great profits for the companies at the cost of developing countries’ citizens.

In a sharp turn to its previous standings, the USA as it seems in the recent negotiations has decided to soften its stand in this question, coming down from 12 years to possibly 7 according to investigators and experts in the field.

Over the last few months the negotiations have escalated to an all time high especially due to the soon to start elections in some of the member countries. This has led to compromises from all directions and this is what, could either make or break the deal.


Will the deal reach a successful completion, especially considering that there have been extensions in the negotiations over the recent weeks?