Tesla recently released their solution to the ongoing problem of traffic, which is building tunnels underground by access via car elevator to help mitigate less cars on the road.

Reporters were were able to take a ride through a prototype tunnel at Tesla’s showcase presentation. In the tunnel cars will be able to reach speeds of 150mph, but during the test drives they drove much slower than that.With all the hype and optimism for this new idea, there are a few limitations. First, cars must have an autopilot feature as the car is driving through the tunnel. This allows the car to navigate through the tunnel and respond faster than a person, mainly for safely reasons as cars will driving at high speeds and reaction time is incredibly important.

After the presentation, reports noted that the ride was a little bumpy, but thought it was a realistic solution to America’s growing traffic problem. In addition to this, Tesla is still in the works to develop more tunnels and receive permits from the government to expand the tunnels.

Is this a realistic solution to the ongoing traffic problem in the USA?

Will all cars in the future have autopilot features to access these tunnels?

Will the government allow Tesla to build more tunnels to solve this problem?

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VU2u8rUKgc