Andrew McAfee. Management Theorist

Andrew makes the connection with our previous article A Revolution in the Making by describing what kind of world we are building nowadays. He mentions we are closer and closer to start seeing things more like fiction movies. Cars sooner than we know will start driving themselves so there won’t be need of a human driver. We are managing whole manufacturing companies from a touch screen device such as an iPad. Computers are smart enough to attend to clients’ needs reducing the need for customer service. Hence, we are walking towards a world with more and more technologies and fewer jobs. This is not all bad news as the GDP for countries goes up, the price for goods go down and the quality keeps increasing as fewer human’s errors are placed over products. He describes this era as abundance of goods which contrasts to what some might consider as materialism. But, what could go wrong? The answer to that question is another question. In a world full of technologies and options, who are you going to sell to? Robots do not buy goods. Say you are Ford. How do you sell cars if transportation need has been satisfied by another kind of open technology? (For more details, watch video)

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One thought on “Ted Talk explores: what will future jobs look like?”
  1. Interesting article. To me, I don’t believe our jobs will be replaced with “droid-like” employees. Sure, having advanced technology can reduce the need for human work, but there will always be a need for people. For instance, planes can fly themselves, but those aircraft will need pilots in the event of any electrical malfunction. Besides, corporations need people to keep the organization alive. There will be no consumers for anything if all work is done robotically.

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