SpaceX is reportedly gearing up to launch its Starship rocket on an around-the-world test flight, marking the most extensive and daring test flight for the spacecraft. According to anonymous sources, the launch is expected to take place as early as next week. If successful, the flight could be a crucial step toward SpaceX’s goal of eventually transporting humans to Mars.

The Starship spacecraft is part of SpaceX’s ambitious plan to develop a fully reusable rocket system that can reduce the cost of spaceflight significantly. The spacecraft consists of two main parts: the Super Heavy booster, which provides the initial thrust to launch the spacecraft into orbit, and the Starship spacecraft itself, which carries the crew or cargo to its destination.

The around-the-world test flight would be a critical milestone for SpaceX, demonstrating the spacecraft’s ability to perform long-duration flights and re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere safely. If successful, the flight would pave the way for future missions to Mars and other destinations in the solar system.

However, the Starship program has faced several setbacks and challenges in recent years, including the explosion of several prototypes during test flights. Despite these setbacks, SpaceX has remained committed to the program, continuing to develop and refine the spacecraft’s design and capabilities.