The first google glass was released in May of 2014 to the general public for roughly $1,200, which had high expectations and lots of hype to its market potential. Sadly, it flopped and didn’t meet customer expectations and it wasn’t worth the price.

Despite the flop of Google Glass 1, wearable technology has gained popularity the past 5 years. Mainly with the release of smartwatches and many other types of wearable technology. Google is now releasing its Google Glass 2, which is targeting more business applications – similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens, instead of the general public. Google Glass 2 will allow users to preform their jobs more efficiently and provide information instantly to the user while they’re performing their job.

Amazon, along with a startup call North, is also releasing its own version of smart eye-wear with the release of Focal. Focal’s will cost $1,000 and are more hip and provide more functionality than the original Google glass and provide a different user experience than Google Glass 2. With Focal, you can connect to Alexa, check the weather, read text messages, and use a variety of other applications. Focal will come’s with a ring that has an attached joystick, which allows users to scroll through messages and many other functions of the smart glasses.

Both these products provide lots of potential to their respective users and are rumored to be release sometime in 2019.

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