An article in Data Science Central (May 1, 2015) titled “Smart Data: IoT analytics for manufacturing and process industries” ( explores the application of Data Science to manufacturing. Sensors in machines and process control industries generate Smart Data that has actionable business value to improve productivity through digitalization. The latest Smart Data is predictive and algorithmic. This data is bigger than the traditional Big Data, therefore the concept of Open Cloud is paving the way for Smart Data Analytics. The cooperation of Siemens with SAP to create an open cloud platform is just an example of such pattern that further companies will keep on exploring within the future. Will Open Cloud strategies and predictive data analytics jeopardize individual privacy rights in the 4.0 digital era?

[wpvideo sUOJXAEK]

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  1. For what I see that started in the 1990’s as a potential big business opportunities for big companies. Clouds will definitely be the way wen store our information in the future. Large secured Clouds will be an even more profitable sensitive business. Fascinating article

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