The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year revealed a lot of tech in the car industry. Mostly in regards to self driving cars and improving the user experience by adding new tech in vehicles.

For instance, KIA designed a prototype that adjust the car cabin based on your mood, and will adapt your preferred display panel based on facial recognition.

BMW showed off its self driving motorcycle and backwards tech for 2019 BMW cars. The backwards tech allows you to plan you backwards driving route where margin of error is small. For example, backing out of a tight parking garage with little room for error.

Toyota introduced its Guardian 4.0 Self Driving tech which will help in saving lives on the road. The tech allowed the car to take over the vehicle when there’s an emergency. For instance, if a car pulls out in front of you randomly, the car’s AI will take over the car and react faster than you can to avoid an accident.

Will Toyota Guardian 4.0 tech become a new safety standard for the car industry?

Will the prototypes presented by KIA and other car manufactures become reality in the new feature?

Will there be complete autonomous vehicles on the road or a mix of self driving AI and human operating vehicles?