Schaumburg, Illinois, is experiencing a manufacturing boom, and it is planning to modernize its 60-year-old industrial park to keep up with the demand. According to the article, the town has been investing in infrastructure upgrades and attracting new businesses to the area, resulting in a surge of manufacturing jobs in the region.To continue its growth, Schaumburg plans to modernize the existing industrial park by improving the infrastructure, upgrading the buildings, and making the area more attractive to new businesses. The goal is to create a modern, efficient, and sustainable industrial park that can compete with other industrial areas in the region.The town has been working with local and state officials to secure funding for the modernization project. The project is expected to cost around $100 million, with most of the funding coming from state and federal grants. The officials believe that the modernization of the industrial park is essential for continued economic growth and job creation. The modernized industrial park will help to attract new businesses and create more jobs in the region. By creating a modern and attractive industrial park, the village aims to create a self-sufficient and sustainable economy.