[wpvideo 1Pygh8Tn]According to an article published on October 25th, 2015 in the Tech Insider, http://www.techinsider.io/robots-are-helping-run-the-first-fully-digital-hospital-in-north-america-2015-10, patients entering the Humber River Hospital in Toronto, CA will not only interact with healthcare professionals, but also with automated robots that have been programmed to complete a variety of tasks in the hospital. Humber River Hospital is touting itself as the first fully digital hospital. They opened their doors to the public this week and are using automated robots for everything from delivering food and medical supplies to patients, to preparing and administering chemotherapy drugs. The robots that are used to move medical supplies are designed to pick up carts, call an elevator, and deliver them to the appropriate place. The robots that assist with the delivery of chemotherapy medication receive orders of the drugs that need to be mixed from the physician, then check the dose and the patient’s previous medical doses, mix the drugs, and then finally deliver the drugs. There are also robots in the radiology rooms that move around the patient to take scans, rather than the patient contorting their body into difficult positions to take the scans. In addition, all rooms in the hospital have a touch-pad system where patients can access their electronic health record, Skype, order food, and read books. This is a great example of how robotics is changing the healthcare and medical industry.

What other tasks could robots perform in a hospital? Would you go a hospital that treated you and mixed your medicine with robots?

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