Self-driving vehicles and robots are becoming more of a reality for business use than being readily available to the general public, despite the major advancements car companies have made for self driving cars.

Volvo has recently developed self-driving container haulers for ports when container ships arrive to drop off cargo. These cars will make logistics easier for the ground crews, and will also make it safer when transporting the containers on the ground. Volvo is still the in the process of making it a reality, but dealing with labor unions will make the process more difficult and cause delays to implement the technology. Please see link below for reference.

Amazon, on the other hand, is currently using and expanding is robot technology in its warehousing to increase efficiency and allow its employees to be more productive. All robots go through a training course to test and see if they’re acceptable for use in the warehouse. Please see link below for reference.
How can Labor Unions be more accepting of self-driving vehicles at ports to allow more efficiency and safety?

Will robots or self-driving cars and container ships replace people completely?

How can AI be implemented into these new technologies to think for themselves?