An article in Smart Manufacturing (April 11, 2013) titled “Rethinking Robots” ( discusses the impact that automation has on manufacturing processes and the perception that society has towards Smart manufacturing. According to a survey in the Wall Street Journal, two-thirds of respondents mentioned that advanced technology either made no difference or actually hurt the economy. The conclusion is that many people fear of job losses to automation and feel skeptical about the positive impact of technology in the industrial sector. Smart manufacturing makes factories safer, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable. Actually as factories modernize there is an expected increase in job demand to support such processes. Will the demand on jobs to support the new technology outnumber the job losses to automation? Will Smart manufacturing impact other sectors such as the construction or the health industry?

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2 thoughts on “Rethinking Robots”
  1. This spur of new technologies is coming at the right pace to yield enough time and bring up more tech-savvy type of workers into action. As every industrial revolution, there will be jobs that will get lost in time, but they are giving space for the new needs of this generation. All these changes will only lead to abundance and prosperity for all.

  2. Thanks so much for this article Gisela. I think you are right that many people think increased technology will result in a loss of jobs, while in reality it is the opposite as you stated.

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