Paired with Apple, Harvard Medical Researchers are conducting large scale research through users with i Phones. As part of Harvard Medical Researcher’s big push for leading the world in research, technology has become overwhelmingly versatile in their endeavor to provide large scale populations for the most accurate results. Users must travel to medical centers to be briefed by researchers and fill out paperwork, however once the mundane part of the induction has been completed, users find themselves able to volunteer for studies that peak their interest.  

Another use for Apple’s new medical research app is Stanford’s research on irregular heartbeats which tracks Apple Watch users (the Apple Watch detects a person’s heartbeat). Dr. Ethan Weiss expected there to be more of these studies available because they reduce the costs and hardships of finding volunteers for studies. However, many point out the number of issues with doing studies through smartphones. Besides the countless personal information issues, doctors and researchers believe that monitoring people’s health through smartphones will lead to improvements in health.