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The TPP is an empowering tool to those companies that hold some of the most demanded pharmaceutical products in the world. Big players such as ELI Lilly, Bristo-Myers, and Squibb are fiercely supporting this treaty so that they can go after the International court to sue against profit lost. Notice that, in recent months the price of drugs has been increasing. Take as an example Turing and its 5,000% increase over the drug to treat HIV. This will continue to happen as the deal gets closed. When focusing at the big picture, it is easy to underestimate the impact of this agreement at the base level. Oregon, for example, has a rate of over 10 people dying every week for not being able to afford medication. This raises several questions: where else is this happening? Will the government continue to provide tools to the private sector to drive more money into their pockets? When will public health become a concern?

Higher prices can reflect even on taxes. It can incur a tax increase for the government to be able to afford even basic needs.

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