With Mexico being a member of the TPP and a Spanish version of the TPP now being available to the public, significant research has been done into what the implications will be. The article “The Dangers of the TPP to Mexican Legislation Regarding Intellectual Property” reviews some of these negative effects. The article starts off by noting that the TPP agreement will “promote negative changes on copyrights, access to culture or intermediary liability”. This forces local legislation to comply with TPP dispositions, which are projected to have a big impact on rights. Per the article, it will have especially detrimental implications with respect to the “matter of intellectual property” by “promoting a scheme based on restrictions and sanctions out of proportion”. Some of the topics that are specifically address in the TPP are frames to protect copyrights, technological protection measures, the Mexican Federal Penal Code, stronger sanctions against infractions to Copyright, and a ban on the use, production, modification, or selling of satellite signals. According to the article, it is “possible to detect that the TPP represents an imminent risk to public life” as it not only effects the ability to access culture on the internet, but “its administrative and penal sanctions may provoke an inhibitor effect that damages freedom of speech”. While the actual implications won’t be known until more time has passed, it is noteworthy to monitor these accusations and their potential harmful effects on Mexico.