by Maria Hartas, DCMME Graduate Assistant

Robots will be showcased in one of the world’s most viewed sporting events by millions of people internationally at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

The Tokyo 2020 Robot Project includes power assisted suits, robots, that will be showcasing real-life applications of the technology. Robotic assistance will be ubiquitous at the events; assisting wheelchair users, carrying food and drinks, providing event information, handling waste disposal, and even coming close to star athletes loading athlete luggage onto buses.

In relatively recent years, robots have been a part of other sporting events. For example, at Rio 2016, robotic cameras captured still images and were displayed at the Paralympic opening ceremony. Similarly, information is captured by robotic sensors in NHL ice hockey games.

Robotic applications will be displayed to millions of viewers, making the Tokyo 2020 Olympics one of the first international, large-scale events to incorporate and showcase new technologies.

From grocery stores to manufacturing, we can now find robots at the Olympic games.

How will robots enhance the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games?

Do robots have real-life applications?

Where can robotic technology be applied?