Google has recently announced new ways to delete your personal data automatically. Google is ahead of its counterparts, Facebook and Twitter, in letting its users delete its data. These new privacy tools allow the user to decide how long to keep your history i.e. until you delete manually, keep for 18 months, or keep for 3 months. Google is looking to expand these tools to all its services. Right now, they have launched for YouTube, soon the ability to delete location data in Google Maps is also coming.

There are upsides and downsides to deleting your data. You won’t receive personalized recommendations to what you view, as this is important to the user experience. Videos that you’ve already seen or articles that you’ve already ready could start showing in your feed. However, one wouldn’t have targeted ads according to their browsing or search history, but the ads will be more irrelevant to your needs. To a cybersecurity paranoid person, these features can be seen as very appealing as they allow you to delete your data indefinitely. Google has announced these tools after a lot of backlash over privacy in the past few years and this is an initiative in the right direction that can incentivize other social media firms to follow. For further reading read the link below,

Googe Data Delete