Article Date: 08/01/2015

The end of July meeting between TPP negotiators in Hawaii was supposed to conclude TPP negotiations. However, President Obama and the rest of the world are going to have to wait. According to CNN, the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations will continue to drag on. With two years of claims that the conclusion is near, hopefully negotiators can agree on the TPP terms sooner than later; however, it is not looking promising as a future date for the next round of negotiations is not set at this time.

The following remain the TPP main points:

Dairy — Canada is still hesitant to opening up its borders to more dairy imports. This is a high demand for both the United States and New Zealand.

Cars — The U.S. is requesting easier access to Japan’s agriculture and automotive companies, but the Prime Minister is facing a legislature with strong ties to small rice farmers.

Pharmaceuticals — Poorer counties like Malaysia and Vietnam are not in favor of the United States push for 12 years of patent protection.

Currency — A crackdown on countries that manipulate the value of their currency to make their exports cheaper to the rest of the world has also been strongly suggested by critics. However, this would put a halt to all TPP agreements according to negotiators.

Will negotiators find common ground in the near future? President Obama sure hopes so as he would like to complete the terms before he is out of office in January 2017. While there are individuals advocating a conclusion, there are also individuals thankful and encouraged the talks will continue, as other topics need further discussion like labor rules.

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