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In an article (http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/NAFTA-on-Steriods-National-Mexican-Union-Protests-TPP-20160130-0007.html) posted following a TPP negotiation team meeting in which Roberto Zapata, the head of the organization, stated that Mexico was ready to join the TPP, the Mexico National Workers Union have openly rejected the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. “We say no because it was negotiated without consulting us, but also because it will bring serious consequences for Mexico, United States, Chile, Canada, and Peru.” Additionally, the protesters argued that only transnational corporations will benefit from the signing of the TPP. Additionally, two noble prize winners, Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, oppose the TPP because they argue “it has the potential to harm people’s quality of life and it is an agreement that has been negotiated in secret”. In reference to the 1994 free trade agreement that Mexico signed with the US and Canada that ended in “disaster for local agriculture”, this new TPP is a “NAFTA on steroids” and could “negatively impact food security and undermine Mexican farmers”. Are these arguments valid? What are the potential benefits for Mexican farmers that are not being recognized?