The US Army is increasing its use of drones to expand and improve capabilities and awareness on the battlefield. This use of drone technology is apart of the Army’s initiative to integrate emerging technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), better resolution sensors, and faster processing speeds of computers.

They’re using a “MacBook” size tablet to operate multiple drones because of a new operational infrastructure backbone developed in a partnership with MAG Aerospace. This technical blueprint system is owned by the Army and will allow soldiers to have quicker access to each drone, which will be incredibly useful in combat environments where live and instant video feeds are important.

The drones will also be able to operate on their own with the use of AI technology and can also be operated by the soldiers on the ground if needed. AI technology and the use of drones are making huge strides in development and use for military applications.

Will this technology be incorporated into the consumer market in the near future?

How can this technology be used in supply chain and operations for business applications?

Will there be additional applications for drones with further development of AI technology?