In 2009, Microsoft was believed to be developing a dual surface tablet called Courier, but nothing ever came of it and instead Microsoft developed the Surface tablet.

As of October 2nd, Microsoft has decided to bring back a dual-screen tablet called the Surface Neo. It will use Windows 10 updated software called Windows 10X and be more user-friendly not only for tablets but also for mobile devices and any device that allows the user to use their fingers. Windows 10X will have all the similar features of Windows 10, but will sadly remove the Start Menu and will be similar to Windows 8.

In addition to the Microsoft Surface Neo using Microsofts updated user software, it will also have a magnet keyboard that easily detaches and is stored underneath one of the dual-screen. As well as a Wonder Bar that’s very similar to Apple’s Touch Bar and it will also have a slim pen.

The expected release date for the Microsoft Surface Neo isn’t until the 2020 holidays. It’s assumed the reason for an early information release is for App developers to develop apps that work in accordance with the dual screens, and work out any kinks that could possibly result from having dual-screens. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone that had so much hype and expectation, but had so many issues and was a huge let down for its consumer base. We’ll see if this means dual screens will make a comeback and become the new norm after it’s release in late 2020 and how competitors like Apple and Samsung will respond.