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In the article “TPP Will Allow Mexico to Increase Exports” (http://www.worldfootwear.com/news.asp?id=1321&TPP_will_allow_Mexico_to_increase_exports), the relationship between the TPP, Mexico, and the footwear industry are explored. According to Javier Plascencia, the president of the CICEG (Chamber of Footwear Industry of the State of Guanajuato), the TPP will “allow our manufacturing sector in Mexico to increase its exports, mainly to the nations with which we did not have a free trade agreement previously signed”. According to Plascencia, the TPP provides Mexico with the opportunity to be the footwear production center for many of the TPP members. According to statistics presented by the Ministry of Economy of the Federal Government, the TPP will “create an additional 30% of international trade for Mexico within the next five years, which represents around 150 billion USD”. For this to occur, Plascencia proposed a few key factors, the first of which is the adoption of a “more aggressive industrial policy …by the federal government to strengthen Mexican businesses and provide a more effective international trade promotion”. Additionally, Plascencia explains that “Mexican authorities must work with the private sector so the overall Mexican trade balance maintains its equilibrium and the businesses make the most out of the TPP”. What are the implications for Mexico if it does become a footwear industry leader? Will there be any potential side effects?