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The article “Mexico Invited to Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Negotiations” (http://www.economia.gob.mx/news-and-events/press-room/headlines/8214-boletin-136-12en) explains why Mexico was welcomed into the agreement and how Mexico will influence the TPP. The article summarizes that Mexico will “contribute to the goal of creating a 21st Century agreement which will drive growth and economic development and promote innovation, benefiting our consumers and supporting the generation and retention of jobs, raising living standards and reducing poverty in participating countries in the Asia-Pacific region”. Likewise, the article reviews the effect that the TPP can have for Mexico which the article states are twofold. It states, “Entry to the TPP gives Mexico a great opportunity to continue to diversify its exports and markets”. Over the past six years the growths of exports from Mexico to Asia have passed 20%, and the TPP would only bolster this growth. Will the growth of exports from Mexico affect the ability of other countries to likewise see growth in their exported products? How would the supply chain industry be affected by such growth in exported products?

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  1. I can’t wait to share this article with my husband. He is from Mexico and is very interested with their supply chain initiative. What great information and well written too.

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