An article in Smart Manufacturing (May 1, 2013) titled “Meet the skilled manufacturing workforce of tomorrow” ( describes the professional labor force skills that Smart Manufacturing is defining to support the new technological fast growth. Most of the people have the misconception that factories only need an unskilled workforce or interchangeable workers. Thanks to Smart manufacturing and its relation with Big Data, new hire professionals in this sector need to have skills in computer modeling, advanced simulation and data analytics. The new IT revolution has changed the dynamics of the factory floor, requiring professionals ready to analyze data in order to optimize and increase the company’s operations. What other skills will be needed in the future to support the fast growth of Smart Manufacturing? Will expertise in data analytics completely replace the need to hire managers with people’s skills in the future?

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  1. This article is nothing but true. The way technology has become ubiquitous in essentially every type of industry, having computer skills will be necessary.

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