The article in the diplomat ( )  suggests that Malaysia is almost certain to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement domestically in spite of the obstacles currently faced by its current prime minister Najib Razak and opposition from the civilians.

Pek Koon Heng, a professor at American University and a Malaysia expert, says that even if the TPP faces such fierce opposition that it has to go through Malaysia’s parliament before being approved, Najib would have enough votes to get it through. Najib Razak’ position is in jeopardy after civilians are constantly protesting about his support for the TPP.

Najib’s survival Heng said that it would not only be good for the TPP, but arguably the U.S.-Malaysia relationship more generally. She noted that U.S.-Malaysia relations under Najib’s tenure were “stronger than they have ever been.” According to Heng, no other leader in Malaysia today would demonstrate as much support for the United States.

Will the TPP finally pass in Malaysia domestically? Or will it be a dead end of talks again? What about Najib’s high profile corruption scandal- Will it affect the TPP talks?

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