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In the following article (http://blog.lnsresearch.com/big-data-mentality-leans-biggest-threat), the author examines Lean practices in general and then ties in how Big Data Analytics integrates into Lean practices.  Lean practices have been used for decades to eliminate waste and produce end user value.  Lean’s ultimate function is process improvement, whether it be an everyday business process or as traditionally used, a manufacturing process.

As technology has saturated the work-place and all aspects of our life, business leaders in the office and the plant have begun to rely on technology to solve problems instead of using technology to fix them.  The overarching theme is that the use of Big Data Analytics and the IoT will create new business models.  With the idea that using Big Data is the next step no matter what the problem is, process improvements sometimes get overlooked.  As the author put it, “rather than have operators utilize a 5S approach to clean, standardize, and maintain their workspace, they want to rely on analytics to just keep track of the chaos so people don’t have to change.”  The best course of action would be to use Big Data Analytics to understand the issues in the process and then redesign the process instead of using Big Data as a band-ade on a process to avoid change.


What will be the effects if Big Data is continued to be used as a crutch instead of a tool for redesign processes?

Do you think Lean will be eventually phased out as technology takes over the workplace or will the integration be smoother than the author as somewhat implied?

In a broad sense, do you believe society has become or will eventually become too reliant on technology and thus dumb down the sophisticated business models that have been developed over the past few decades?