As companies begin innovating new methods to deepen talent pools for hiring, Jaguar Land Rover is taking the reins on this movement by announcing that 150 of their apprenticeship positions will be degree apprenticeships. Degree apprenticeships are valuable because they incentivize young adults by providing an opportunity that foregoes the cost of attending a university, provides industry experience, and offers a wage to them while simultaneously studying. Members of this program focus on digital, autonomous, and electrical skills. An interesting insight from current apprentices is that they feel like they’re contributing to a pivotal movement within the technological and automotive industries, and they enjoy working within an environment focused on what’s ahead for the world. Jaguar Land Rover is expecting to see “29,000 people trained in electrification and digital skills in the next three years”, which will develop the workforce necessary for success in the modern luxury car market. Ultimately, organizations will begin to strategize with new methods of securing a prosperous talent pool, and it is expected that Jaguar Land Rover is one of the first of many to invest in long term investments such as the apprenticeship degree program.