Throughout the life of the TPP, there has been an immense amount of negative publicity. Amid this storm of publicity, the article “TPP Signing an Honour, Let’s Respect It” ( shines a new light onto the agreement. According to the article, the TPP is “the most comprehensive and far-sighted economic agreement the world has seen in our lifetime”. With only 12 nations from the entire world playing a part in the agreement, the group is very selective. This shows a lot of respect for New Zealand among the world’s largest and most powerful countries. Likewise, there is the potential for immense profits and additional jobs. The author acknowledges the fact that there will be protest due to “the TPP’s intellectual property discussions the risk that US patent law and copyright protection of pharmaceuticals and other products”, but maintains the vision of respecting the value New Zealand receives from being a part of such a monumental agreement. Which point of view is correct? Is the TPP a positive or negative for New Zealand? Is there validation to both sides of the argument?