Article Date: 10/07/2015

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership; her first big break away from the Obama Administration. Her concerns include: TPP benefits big companies, but fails to address currency manipulation.

In addition to Hillary Clinton, trade unions oppose TPP in fear of losing “millions of American jobs.” Hillary’s current opinion on TPP is much different than in previous years. She called the TPP the “gold standard” of trade agreements in 2012, and in her memoir Hard Choices, Clinton said the deal “won’t be perfect” but it “should benefit American businesses and workers.” Is Hillary Clinton taking a stance on TPP just to get the vote of labor unions or is she really against it? Richard Trumka,  president of AFL-CIO is quoted, “America’s working people are very pleased that Senator Clinton is opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” said Trumka. “Her decision is a critical turning point, and will be invaluable in our effort to defeat TPP.” Critics are calling Clinton’s pivot a political stunt as we are on the “eve of debates.”

As previous trade deals have come up short, it is important we do not give TPP the benefit of the doubt and look at the effects is could have on America, its workers, and its economy with a magnifying glass. As the Obama Administration pushes Congress to pass TPP, it could be a long road; longer than what President Obama is hoping for.

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