173 supermarkets across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia are introducing a robot called Marty on their sales floors. Ahold Delhaize USA, the parent company of Giant Food Stores, has reported positive pilot feedback from customers and employees after bringing robotic and A.I. technologies close to everyone in the grocery store aisles. 

Will robots replace humans?

The answer to this question is, no. Marty is programmed to autonomously roam around the store, communicate potential hazards to customers and alert employees through the PA system. Freeing up employees’ hands and time from walking around the store preforming routine checks, such as looking out for spills on the floor, team members will have more time to engage and assist customers.

As shared by Nick Bertram, president of Giant, “As much as [Marty] replaces that task, it doesn’t replace those people”.

Making the robot more humanlike, Marty is 6’3″ with googly eyes that attracted customers’ and employees’ attention. More robots will be rolled out in the first six months of 2019.


Will robots replace humans?

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