AI has made major advancements over the years. IBM came out with Watson, which is currently being used in the medical industry to diagnose patients, and has even been more accurate in diagnosing patients than a human doctor. This high accuracy is due to machine learning and very complex algorithms.

Google last year showed the world its developed AI Google Assistant, which can schedule haircut appointments and more complex tasks besides making a phone call or looking up a google search. Please see link below for Google AI.

Now, it’s not even a month into 2019 and Google has released upgrades to its AI Google Assistant. This upgraded Google Assistant is a universal translator, and, based on people who’ve used the universal translator, it works nearly faultlessly. Please click link below for demonstration.

Despite major criticisms of AI with people calling for regulations out of fear of machines taking over the world, this AI feature is something everyone can support. Having a translator readily available at hotels and many other types of business that need a translator will save on cost and time.

How will this AI feature impact businesses that need translators readily available?

What additional features of AI would prove most useful for business and customer applications?

Will there be more job potential and growth in the AI development industry with the future potential of the AI industry?