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In the article “The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)” (http://itsourfuture.org.nz/what-is-the-tppa/), the author outlines several concerns specific to New Zealand and its involvement in the TPP. One of the problems the author presents are that “it will become much harder for the New Zealand government to look after our environment” because of the TPP.  It is also proposed that there will be added restrictions on foreign investment will be frozen, New Zealand will be sued by overseas companies, and medicines will become more expensive as big pharmaceutical companies gain influence over PHARMAC. Additionally, the author proposed that copyright laws will be toughened and more harshly enforced, as well as more power obtained by foreign banks and insurance companies. While many argue that the TPP would allow New Zealand to enter a more global market, the author proposed that the “they are disrespectful to the diverse communities across Aotearoa who fear the TPPA is being negotiated solely for big corporations, and not in the interests of ordinary kiwis”. Are these accusations correct? Will New Zealand end up benefiting from the TPP or being hurt by it? Only time will tell, but it is always beneficial to look at every decision from all angles, both positive and negative.